Stakeholder engagement is an essential tool for achieving relevant outcomes in water management. It is preceded by a thorough identification of actors, enablers, knowledge brokers, affected parties, etc. and a clear understanding of their role, competences and needs in relation to the topic under discussion.

Research approach in four steps

In order to develop an appropriate stakeholder engagement strategy and plan at the four project demo sites, a four-step approach will be carried out together with the demo-site coordinators and project-task leaders.

Step 1

Set specific objectives by defining contributions from stakeholders for maximum project impact

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Step 2

Identify and categorise relevant stakeholders using the stakeholder mapping method

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Step 3

Meeting with the Confederation of Portuguese Farmers (CAP)

Analyse and prioritise stakeholders through stakeholder interviews using the interest / influence grid

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Step 4

Develop an engagement strategy and plan to be applied during the project and beyond

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