Discussing potential collaboration with representatives of “O‘zbekgidrogeologiya” State Institution

On 16 April 2024, Dr. Catalin Stefan met representatives of Uzbeckhydrogeology and discussed potential collaboration on groundwater dating and stable isotope analysis.

Online meeting between TU Dresden, Nazarbayev University and “O‘zbekgidrogeologiya” State Institution, 16 April 2024

The meeting was organised online and attended by representatives of TU Dresden, “O‘zbekgidrogeologiya” State Institution, Department of Hydrogeology and Geoecology of the Ministry of Mining Industry and Geology of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and colleagues from Nazarbayev University (NU) in Kazakhstan. The scope of the meeting was to discuss potential collaboration on stable isotopes analysis and groundwater dating using radiocarbon. To introduce the topic, Dr. Vadim Yapiyev from NU gave a short presentation on the use of stable isotopes in hydrological applications, highlighting ongoing and past research initiatives in different river basins in Central Asia. O‘zbekgidrogeologiya expressed interest in acquiring more experience in this topic and sending several groundwater samples to Germany for 14C dating. Further meetings are planned for exchanges on groundwater modelling using MODFLOW and other topics of common interest.